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What is upper cervical care?

Upper Cervical Care is a rapidly growing form of health care that focuses on the intricate relationship between the alignment of the top two bones in the neck (C1,C2) and the function of the Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal Cord), because of how critical this relationship is to health and wellness.

Is upper cervical care safe?

Yes. There are no drugs, surgeries, or painful manipulations of the spine with upper cervical care. An upper cervical chiropractor uses x-rays and the patient’s medical history to determine the safest and most efficient treatment process.

Is upper cervical care painful?

No. Upper cervical chiropractic corrections do not require any twisting, popping, or cracking of the patient’s neck or spine. At most, the patient may feel a small amount of pressure around the upper cervical area.

What can I expect after the first correction?
It is a different experience for each person. People tend to have some soreness in the shoulders and back the next day as the body adapts to a more neutral position. Keep in mind, we are correcting a misaligned spine that may have been injured years prior and is compensating for this problem. We recommend that you take it easy and walk as much as possible after the first correction so your body can recalibrate and integrate the changes into your entire system. Clients have told us that everything from sleep to pain and energy levels have improved immediately after a correction. We provide a list of recommendations to take home and adhere to for the best long-term maintenance of your correction.
How many adjustments before I feel better?
Following your first correction, the doctor will have the statistics he needs to estimate the length of care necessary. There are numerous factors related to your symptoms. Through decades of clinical research, there is a 42-day window after your initial correction when your spine adapts and heals the most. During this period, you will typically experience the greatest change related to symptoms. The main goal is to re-ignite the healing process and position you for long-term healing. True healing takes place as you maintain ideal postural alignment.
Do I have to come in forever?
It is true that clients tend to receive more benefits as spinal alignment is maintained over time. Another way to consider this question is like education. Some people graduate high school, others have graduate-level degrees. Both paths can be successful, but the opportunities and benefits are different for each. The goal of care is to stabilize your spine and improve spinal balance so the body heals more effectively. When this occurs, the possibilities are infinite, just like continued education.
Why are x-rays taken?

“To see is to know.” X-rays are initially taken to provide a clear view of the misalignment in the patient in order to provide them an accurate and tailored correction. After your initial correction, another set of x-rays is taken to ensure that the correction was effective. Each person’s anatomy and life experiences are different and will respond uniquely to an upper cervical correction. A post-x-ray will allow us to know if any modification is still needed – we want to make sure we provide the most effective care for you.

How long until I am well?

Your treatment plan will be devised to be the most effective in the shortest time allowable. It is important to remember that healing is a continual process and is not completed overnight. For many patients, relief can be immediate but in all cases, time to heal is required. You can continue your care for as long as you want with us. You are in charge of your health care, not your doctor. No doctor can produce health in you or be your health manager. They can be your consultant and that’s all the doctor is designed to be – a consultant. They can give you advice, you choose to take it or not. As a chiropractor, our job is to remove interference, specifically as an upper cervical doctor, our job is to remove interference around the brain stem which will promote healing of your body

Should I be concerned about the x-rays? How much exposure will I receive?

The series of x-rays that are standard in this office are minimal in client radiation dose. The established threshold for an individual’s annual diagnostic exposure is not to exceed 5000 millirems. To put this in perspective, a CT scan is approximately 20% of the annual threshold, a mammogram is approximately 1.5%, and a typical upper cervical series x-ray is less than one-half of one (< 1/2) percent of the annual threshold. We take every care to limit your exposure.

How old does my child need to be before I take them to a Chiropractor?
We love to see and care for children and families. Many of our clients are parents and grandparents who had injuries early in life that were not properly addressed, monitored, or corrected. Perhaps we can do more for our children? Considering this, birth may be the first major trauma! We want to remove any interference as early as possible to help you and your children live life to the fullest potential. The doctor’s children, and his many nieces and nephews, were checked immediately upon or soon after birth. They are healthy and strong!
How is upper cervical care different from regular chiropractic care?

We believe that chiropractic treatment should be scientific and about the alignment, not just the adjustment. our focus is on restoring function, not simply patching symptoms.
three of our most important mottos are:

You are an individual who deserves quality care

You should not have to “just live with it.”

You were born to be healthy.

A specific chiropractic adjustment is only given when nervous system dysfunction is detected by infrared thermography. Only when clinically necessary a specific adjustment is made to the upper cervical spine to remove interference within the nervous system. Following the adjustment, the person goes through a recovery period in a zero gravity chair and then is reassessed with thermography to affirm the correction was made.

Why should I go to your office if I feel fine?
Most people don’t even know they have a spinal misalignment until significant deterioration has occurred. We recommend being proactive with your health by minimizing unnecessary joint deterioration due to a misaligned spine. The assessments used at Evoke ensure a preventive course of care whether you have pain and symptoms, or not.
Why don’t you adjust me on the first visit?

Most doctors and clinicians agree that the craniocervical junction (head and neck) is the most complex joint interaction in the entire body. Because of this complexity, The Lifestyle Chiropractic uses the most precise and specific analysis available. This head and neck connection is very close to the brain stem, which is critical to vital functions, including digestion, sleep cycles, pain modulation, and control of involuntary postural muscles along the spine. It is critically important to get this correction as close to perfect as possible. With that in mind, we take the time to accurately define your plan and then have you back for the first correction.

Do I get adjusted each time I visit?
Only if a correction is necessary. We use specific measurements and analysis to determine your need for an adjustment or spinal correction. The goal of care is to balance and stabilize your spine so that fewer adjustments are required over time. If no adjustment/correction is needed this is a very positive sign!

At The Lifestyle Chiropractic, we recommend, after stabilization is achieved, that you come in for checkups quarterly or semiannually to ensure that your progress is secure.

Who can benefit?
This truly preventive care is an option for anyone interested in optimizing the systems of their body, moving better, and healing more effectively. Most people who initially come for care are suffering from pain or an ailment. See our list of conditions that have responded well to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.
What is Subluxation?

Subluxation is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves. This pressure or irritation causes the nerves to malfunction and interfere with the signals traveling over those nerves to your brain and body. Chiropractors correct subluxation by performing chiropractic adjustments that relieve bone pressure on the spinal nerves.

What is retracing?

When you undergo chiropractic care, you may start to exhibit symptoms that have not manifested themselves for months or even years. A patient’s first impression is that they are becoming worse, but rather they are retracing the several stages through which their disease, pain, or health concern progressed in the first place.

This is a crucial part of the recovery process. Time and repetition are needed to allow the body to heal and repair itself.

It is essential for this period of retracing to be passed through in order to achieve the end goal. Don’t allow any temporary symptoms to discourage you and prevent you from achieving your ultimate health!

What are your hours?
Our office hours are:
Monday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday 8:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed
Do you have payment plans?

Yes, they can be discussed in the office.

Will my insurance cover the visit?

We work with all out-of-network insurance companies. Depending on what your insurance covers you will get reimbursed directly from them.

Does the doctor adjust other areas of the spine as well as the upper cervical spine?

The Lifestyle Chiropractic focuses the start of care on the upper cervical area of the spine/neck. It is important to understand that the rest of the spine moves and interacts based on the relationship between the head and the neck. That’s why we have such successful outcomes for a wide range of aches, pains, and symptoms. That said, it is our mission to consider the entire person: mentally, emotionally, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to achieve the health you are capable of for an enriched vibrant life.

Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care help my low back or joint pain?

Yes, it can help low back pain AND it is important to know that the benefits go way beyond our backs and joints. The Lifestyle Chiropractic is committed to restoring posture and balance to the whole body. Spinal balance allows for more even distribution of weight on all joint surfaces. Resulting in pain relief, full range of motion, and increased function. If you suffer from pain or any health-related condition, it is recommended that you come in for an assessment to determine if you are a candidate for care.

What happens at the first appointment – The Intake Visit?
The Lifestyle Chiropractic Intake Visit is approximately one hour. During this appointment with Dr. Marcone, a complete history, postural assessments, range of motion, orthopedic tests, and custom 3-D x-rays are completed. We compile and analyze this valuable information to determine a plan of action customized to you.

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