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Specific Chiropractic


At The Lifestyle Chiropractic, we specialize in a form of Chiropractic known as Specific Chiropractic. Specific Chiropractic, otherwise known as Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic, looks for a three-dimensional transfer of the head and neck away from the center of the spine.

The head and neck placement are responsible for the position, and much of the structural integrity of the spine as a whole. When the Atlas (C1) or Axis vertebra (C2) shift out of place, the head moves away from the center of the neck and misaligns.

This upper cervical misalignment, otherwise known as a subluxation, eventually creates spinal and other body imbalances below; causing the shoulders to shift, the hips to twist, leading to total spinal distortion. When the Atlas or Axis vertebra shifts out of place, it also can constrict or impinges upon the nerves of the brainstem, spinal cord, and/or other nerve structures which can lead to a variety of symptoms.

At The Lifestyle Chiropractic, we use state of art technology to accurately measure and determine the exact nature of your problem and how to precisely go about correcting it. Our services are not for everyone. However, if you are tired of constantly covering up problems and want a more long-standing solution that you can feel good about, then The Lifestyle Chiropractic might be right for you. Call today to schedule your free consultation.


Upper Cervical Care Alignment
Acid reflux
Athletic performance
Attention deficit disorders
Auditory (ear) dysfunction
Birth trauma
Cardiac (heart) function
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic fatigue
Digestive disorders
Disc bulges/herniations
Ear infections
Gastrointestinal dysfunction
Hyperactivity (ADHD)
Immune function
Inner ear disorders
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Knee pain
Learning disorders
Low back pain
Menstrual disorders
Meniere’s syndrome
Migraine headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Neck pain
Neurological disorders
Otitis Media (ear infections)
Pediatric care
Pulmonary (lung) function
Shoulder and arm pain
Seizure disorders
Sleep disorders
Sports injuries
TMJ dysfunction
Vertigo (dizziness)
Visual (eye) disturbance
Work-related injuries
Trigeminal Neuralgia

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